The Interview

I’m going for a job interview tomorrow, so I’ve got to decide which shirt I’m going to wear. It’s a choice between pink, white or blue.

When I mentioned this to one of my housemates, he doubted whether it mattered which shirt I wore. But suppose that it does! I asked him which colour shirt he thought would impress the panel most, but he said he’d need to know how the mind of each member worked in order to answer that.

“Personally,” he said, “I prefer green.” So much for his help!

Normally I look to the Quran for my guidance, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in it about choosing a shirt. The imam says that when the Quran doesn’t give specific guidance regarding a subject we need to look at its general principles. That’s all very well, but it still doesn’t help me decide between pink, white or blue.

Do you think the Bible helps Christians choose their shirts? So far as I know, it doesn’t.

What I really need is good advice. But if and when I get any advice, how can I tell whether it’s good or not?

Look! I’ve just come across this quotation: “Say, the Holy Spirit has brought the Revelation from thy Lord in Truth, in order to strengthen those who believe, and as guidance and glad tidings to Muslims.” – Quran, sura 16 An-Nahl), avat 102

So, Allah has sent His Holy Spirit to guide Muslims. And that’s exactly what I need – guidance in all the things I’m not sure about.

This also ties in with something that my Christian friends have told me. They, too, talk about the Holy Spirit giving them guidance when they don’t know what to do.

This is something which needs looking into a bit more.

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