Facing Problems

We all face problems.

I’m facing one now – what to say to you next!

What do we do when we face problems? Well, we worry. We might even panic. We talk to other people about our problems, hoping for some good advice – and, yes, there are times when we actually get it.

But what about talking to Allah about our problems -the One who can really do something about it? Talking to Allah – that’s prayer.

Do Christians pray? Yes, they do.

Who do they pray to? They pray to Allah who, when they’re using the English language, they address as God.

When do they pray? They are encouraged to pray at any time, in any place, whatever condition they may find themselves. And the worse that condition is, the more necessary becomes their prayer. It’s as if they don’t have any rules!

They do, however, have traditions which have developed over the years. There are formal prayers which are said when in a group. They may all recite together old prayers from a book. Or a leader may say a prayer on behalf of a group gathered together. These prayers will almost always be in the local language.

Then there are informal prayers. These are spoken when the individual is alone, or in a group where someone will talk to Allah on behalf of the group. These heartfelt prayers will be in the language of either the individual or the group.

Finally, there are the silent prayers. These are the thoughts that only Allah knows. They come straight from the individual’s heart, growing directly out of the individual’s need. Private and personal, no other human being is involved or can ever know about them.




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